For many years I painted realistic landscapes; showing “the here” and “the there” of the real world was important initially to me. Later I reduced three-dimensional space to its basic shapes and began painting abstract landscapes. The horizon line was still a major support. Because it orients us between the sky and the ground, between the near and the far, it is difficult to eliminate. In 2010, I took a great leap and eliminated the horizon. It has been a wild and wonderful ride ever since.

I am now working totally non-figuratively. I am still dealing with space but now it is the space of a mood or an emotion. I am still dealing with color and shape but now it is to create a space the viewer can go to in his mind or his heart. It is very challenging to create this non-objective world without the props of the real landscape. And very exhilarating.

Arlene Tuck

July 2011